Delivery of Purchased Sex Dolls

Where do you deliver Sex Dolls? 

Purchased dolls are shipped throughout the United States.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times may vary for different dolls, from 2-3 weeks to 5-6 weeks. After you place your order, we will order a blank for the selected doll. When a sex doll blank comes to our warehouse, we carry out upgrades and improvements in our warehouse, and then we send the doll to your address.

What does the delivery look like?

Delivery of purchased sex dolls is carried out by ordinary courier services. In an ordinary closed box without markings.

Delivery of Rented Sex Dolls.

How much is delivery?
Local delivery (50 miles around Cleveland) is free.
Do you deliver outside of Cleveland? 

We can sometimes deliver outside of Cleveland, but only within reasonable driving range (2-4 hours max).  If it's available it will be costly though (please remember there are four trips for the driver - back and forth to you for drop off, then back and forth to you for pick up). 

What are your delivery hours? 


We are typically available from 10am to 10pm, seven days per week for delivery.  Earlier or later appointments can be arranged in advance, too. Call Us.